Product warranty

E-ENERGY promises that all products delivered are 100% guaranteed to be original. Additionally, if you encounter any issues with your product, E-ENERGY provides after-sales service for products that are still within the warranty period.

Warranty term

The warranty term for some our categories is shown in the table below, and it starts from the delivery date of the original order.

Warranty term
5 years for Intel,3-5 years for others barand.
3 years for enterprise-level monitoring disks, 2 years for laptop and desktop disks
3 years for Boxed PC CPU.1 year for others
1 year for new product
1 year for new product
Net card
3 years for Intel,1 year for others
LSI card
3 years for 93, 94, and 95 series,1 year for 92 series.
1 year for most products

During the warranty period, E-ENERGY's warranty policy only covers logistics damage and product quality issues that are not caused by human factors. Repairs do not cover the following situations:

The product has exceeded the warranty period .
Damage caused by unauthorized disassembly, modification, or other human factors that have not been confirmed .
Damage caused by impact, human negligence, or natural disasters such as fire, lightning, and floods .
Damage to the equipment casing, power cord, etc. caused by improper operation during use .
Please note that for customized product orders, cancellation or changes must be made before production begins with approval.

* If you have any questions about our products, please contact us through our email sales@e-energyit.comor by calling +1(216)606-8488 for immediate contact.